Phil Thomson

Phil ThomsonHis faith came to life at his baptism in a fjord in Roskilde in 1974. Ever since then, Phil Thomson has been sharing his passion for God through the only language which reaches into everyone's heart and soul, the song. It was a background in the Church of the Nazarene (Elim's Redemption Hymnal to be precise) which gave Phil the best possible start. What subsequently shaped his career in Christian music was when, as a newly married art director in an advertising agency, he and his wife Hazel moved out into full-time Christian work - the beginning of a journey which ever since has fed into his writing and contributed to his success. Over the years, Phil's lyrics have featured on chart-topping albums, in musical theatre and concept works in the UK, Europe, the Middle East and USA, with labels which include MCA, CBS, Word, Elektra, Chapel Lane and Motown.

There were the early years with British Youth for Christ during the Clive Calver & Graham Kendrick times, all the while building up the Adrian Snell catalogue. The Snell/Thomson relationship would bear fruit in many albums, including the seminal 'Alpha & Omega', a prophetic stage work which still draws crowds when it is toured. There was a parallel life as a designer, responsible for some of the most iconic album covers of their time, such as Kendricks 'Fighter' and Spring Harvest's 'Lights to the world' – for whom Phil co-wrote the theme song 'All earth was dark' with John Daniels. There was the monthly column with Buzz Magazine – more recently finding voice reviewing for Crossrhythms – and along the way, song-writing credits with Caroline Bonnett, Nia, Paul Field, Nick Christian and Mark Williamson. It is no surprise to find Charlene, Bonnie Bramlett, Martyn Joseph, Dana and Sir Cliff Richard among the singing roster; lately, you could also add Holland's rising star Irma Dee. Yet, apart from 'Lights to the world', Phil rarely ventured into the world of hymn-writing. Until now.

The reasoning was simple: how to compete with the masters, to express the time-honoured theology of the hymns he grew up with, how to find the right language. It would also need the right kind of music to wrap around his lyrics. It has taken the music of experienced worship leader and composer Adrian Rose to release this exciting new phase in a growing body of work which is surprising even the writers themselves. It is a partnership celebrated in this dedicated site, with the hope that in offering their hymns, your personal journey and your Church congregation will be blessed and enriched.