About Raining God

Raining God is a website showcasing the songwriting partnership between experienced worship leader and musician Adrian Rose and lyricist Phil Thomson. Their style of writing offers a refreshing new slant on traditional themes in both praise and worship, here for you to use and enjoy - but we trust that it will also be more than that to you - bringing with it an opportunity for changed lives.

It really is a collaboration which has been waiting to happen, and in God's timing, this website seems the most natural step to take in order to share our work with the wider public.

Whether you find your own way into the theology of a song or are prompted to share your thoughts and feelings with friends - or even with us - the idea for Raining God is to present exciting new hymns/songs which add to the wealth of worship and praise music already in place in the Christian world at large.

High Church? Low Church? When labels are so difficult to apply, the only true heading is God's Church - in all its manifestations - and we truly believe there is something here for everyone. Put simply, we seek to celebrate the life of Christ in worship and praise and to offer anyone who wishes to do so the opportunity to join us through our songs.

It is a challenge we are ready for - and we sincerely hope you will be blessed by what you hear.

Phil Thomson and Adrian Rose

                         Phil Thomson and Adrian Rose

Here is what Adrian and Phil have to say about their new songwriting partnership:

Phil Thomson "I love the fact that the secular world has its favourite hymns - though they would hardly call them spiritual songs – for it shows just how embedded hymns are in everyone's history. Of course, it is unlikely that one of our hymns would open at a football stadium or political rally, but my hope is that people are going to find themselves humming and singing them just the same to the glory of God and more to the point, definitely living out the sentiments they embrace. After so many years of published work in which I largely ignored the genre of traditional Church music, I am at last feeling confident with the idea of the 'new hymn' – and that is entirely the result of the sheer spontaneity and musical creativity Adrian has brought to the lyrics.”

Adrian Rose "I have always loved the melodies, depth and theology of many of the classic hymns, but I struggled to recreate those qualities in my own songwriting, the biggest issue being the words. Phil and I have been talking about writing together for years and when he finally gave me some of his song lyrics, I wondered why we had waited so long! The more I read Phil's lyrics, the more passionate I became that they simply had to have music written for them which would enable them to be used in worship. It has been a joy to put music to these lyrics and I hope that these songs will aid Churches and individuals in their worship to God.”